Memories 2 Bar & Grill serves patrons tasty food, great drinks, & good times. Memories 2 is easily compared to “Cheers,” where everyone really does know your name. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Memories begins with owner Joe Pereira, who always makes it a point to welcome and entertain his guests.

For years Memories Bar & Grill has provided a weekly lineup of live music, sports, and other events. Stop by any night for live music, karaoke, or on Sundays for NFL specials. Watch all 32 NFL teams with the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Catering to a 25 and older crowd, Memories is the perfect place to come have a good time with a good atmosphere. Memories Bar & Grill has also gone under a dramatic renovation within the last year. The result is a full dining room and lounge area, full bar, and performance area which can be seen from any seat in the house!